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Basic clanrules:

  • You can only be in 1 clan: (aXe)
  • Play fair, don't cheat or use other 'advantages' including mouse macros (Cheats are strictly prohibited)
  • Never play with cheater in room - kick him if it's possible or leave this room. If it's possible take screenshot and report it to Crytek (Playing with cheaters is prohibited)
  • Keep teamwork and discipline
  • Never play 'One man army' style - this is very stupid and egoistic behaviour
  • Never kill oponents on PVP on their spawnpoint - this is really unfair
  • Use TeamSpeak as much as you can if it's possible
  • Visit our facilities regularly
  • Communicate in english (but don't worry if your english is not good, this isn't fatal problem for us)
  • Be proud to wear the (aXe) clantags! Don't embarrass our clan with your behavior!
  • Membership is free if you are under 21, over 21 u can pay 2,- EUR a month and get rcon on our game- and ts servers. (Only when we need rent server)
  • Have Fun!

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